Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elliott Boule

I'm attempting to perfect a more tasty, light-wheat boule with a rye soaker. I have adapted it from a number of different formulas, and so I'm calling it the "Elliott Boule" ... this is a lot of fun!

Here is the formula:


dark rye 100 %
water 141

whole-wheat flour 50 %
unbleached bread flour 50
instant yeast 0.41
water 88.9

Soaker 114 %
light-wheat polish 142
whole-wheat flour 50
unbleached bread flower 50
salt 3.7
instant yeast 1.2
honey 16.7
olive oil 5.6

And some photos:

The pre-ferments:

Mixed dough

Windowpane test after 10 minutes of dough hook

Finished kneading...
I'd say that's good and doubled....

A boule with an "E" scored using a lame (well, actually, a surgical scalpel, because it's all I had...)
Beautiful crust....
Crumb is a little dense, but I didn't let it proof for as long as I would have liked (had to drive Laura to work!)...Still, very nice flavour...

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